Through Turner’s rich experience as a former CMV driver; then as a CMV crash specialist personally responding to in-excess of 1,000 CMV crashes and 200 cargo-tank crashes. While at the same time serving for 11 years as a Specialist Instructor for the New Jersey State Police and being trained as an FMCSA Level 1-5 Inspector, FMCSA HazMat Inspector, and FMCSA Motorcoach Inspector; in addition to many other certifications, such as the Smith-System; Turner’s qualifications are extensive as to his vast experience.

Turner has had the good fortune to provide both training seminars and a multitude of speaking engagements throughout the United States for trucking firms both large and small. In addition, Turner has been a speaker at numerous industry seminars such as NTTC, ALFA, TLA and MFFTF and many others.


“I don’t remember the last time I encountered a person that went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction. Scott’s personal experience, firsthand knowledge and “go-get em” attitude made for a perfect match for our driver safety meetings in New Jersey and Houston. I would highly recommend his services as Scott L Turner Consulting, LLC will adapt to your needs.”

Bryan Hermann, Director
Hermann Transportation Services
Dayton, New Jersey

Turner customizes all CMV training programs for trucking firms to fit their specific operational needs. The type of training offered is not your monthly type safety meetings, they are typically annual driver training meeting of which often include safety management and executives, of which their presence is encouraged.

Turner’s presentations are dynamic, energetic and often somewhat shocking to the driver as they hear and witness real life experiences both from a response perspective as well as an expert witness perspective; both the civil liability, and the criminal liability.


Turner often visits CMV firms throughout North America for the purposes of compliance DOT type audits. In these visits Turner takes a representative sampling of drivers and reviews (at a minimum) their DQ Files, logbook entries, MCSMS data and Drug and Alcohol related policies. In addition, Turner will perform a random sampling of a full FMCSA Level 5 and/or Level 1 type inspection of which much of the aforementioned apply.


“The training Scott presented was very informative and engaged the participants in the class. The students participated and it was one of the best training classes I have provided to my DPW employees. The real world examples and hands-on driver and CMV inspection techniques were excellent. I would recommend Scott to anyone trying to improve their compliance with CDL operations.”

Richard Brevogel
Director of Public Works / Deputy Township Manager
Willingboro Township, New Jersey

After a careful audit, a comprehensive report of recommendations is issued whereas Turner will identify noted weaknesses and vulnerabilities from both an FMCSA perspective as well as a liability standpoint as to litigation vulnerabilities to the motor carrier. These vulnerabilities are identified in the process and incorporated from a real world response and CMV inspection experience through to personal litigation experience.

If your company is looking for that “out of the box” training or compliance experience, with a real world look at your liabilities, or a safety conference your driver’s and management will not soon forget, consider Scott L. Turner Consulting, LLC.